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Listening To Your Haters: Rica Sunga-Kwan Of Churn Urban Creamery

This week, Eve and Tim talk to Rica Sunga-Kwan, whose Churn Urban Creamery is one of San Francisco's most popular dessert pop-ups.

Born in Manilla, Rica moved to the Sunset District of SF when she was ten years old. After a decade working in the New York fashion and design industry, she returned home and started making ice cream. Now Churn is working to open a brick-and-mortar location in an old San Francisco movie theater. She stopped by Avenues Dry Goods on her way to drop off a check with her new space's architect to talk about how her multi-cultural background has informed her business, her transition from design to food, and running a business with her husband.

Churn Urban Creamery
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Thanks for listening, and remember that if you’re spending money, your small, independent, local businesses are where it’s at.       


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