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A Soft Opening

Why, hello there! We're Eve Batey and Tim Ehhalt, the owners of Avenues Dry Goods, a small independent business in the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco.

 Since we opened ADG in October of 2016, we've made so many new friends, learned so much, and had our view of stores, business, retail, and more changed forever. Our goals with this podcast are to hash over what we've learned so far, talk to cool people, and dish more than a little dirt. We think it'll be fun, and hope you'll think so, too.

You can subscribe to this podcast via links that I will add here when they become available (podcast platforms take a couple days to add the show to their "stores," which is why the episode below is basically that first greasy pancake you have to toss). So far we're on:

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You can also follow us on good old social media. Here we are on:

And don't forget: Every dollar you spend at a small business is…